The Freshman – Italian Coffee

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The film offers the modern-day misfortunes of Clark Kellogg (Broderick), a naïve student going to a New York film school. Within 20 minutes of arriving in New York he is robbed. Through a freak chance of luck that exists only in the movies he sees the man who robs him. He is then able to catch the harmless robber who offers to get him a job in exchange for not being turned in to the police. His employer is Carmine Sabatii, and it is alleged that the character Don Corleone from The Godfather is based on this man. The job is too good to be true: he gets $500 for each package he delivers. Unfortunately, Kellogg believes Carmine’s assurances that the job is completely legal and agrees to work for the man. The first package that he has to deliver is a Komodo-dragon; the man he is delivering it to is Larry London, an eccentric chef.

The only thing that allows this movie to be considered a food movie is the fact that it revolves around the plot of cooking endangered species to serve to deranged socialites who want to try something exotic. There is also an amusing scene when Kellogg is forced to drink some real Italian coffee, and the shots of the Gourmet Club also help to allow this movie to be considered a food film.

So take a sip of this exotic Italian coffee and enjoy the movie with your friends.


1/2 oz Strega® herbal liqueur (A sweet, golden herbal flavored Italian liqueur made from the distillation of about 70 herbs and spices.)
5 ozhot black coffee
1 1/2 oz whipped cream
1 tsp sugar


Pour coffee and liquor into an irish coffee cup and sweeten to taste. Gently float the cream on top, and sprinkle with nutmeg.

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